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Open Houses from 4-7 pm as follows: June 6 in Horace; June 10 in Casselton; June 12 at Northern Cass School; June 17 in Buffalo. Details below!

Project Description

Emergency Managers from Cass County, The City of Fargo, the City of West Fargo, and a Planning Team of key stakeholders from Cass County and its communities are preparing a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan for the County and each incorporated municipality within it.

A Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan provides a strategy for reducing the impacts of natural, technological, and adversarial hazards in the County and its communities. The plan includes two primary elements:

Risk Assessment – Includes a description of 13 different hazards in the County and its communities. Each hazard is evaluated to determine risks and vulnerabilities for each jurisdiction.

Mitigation Strategy – Includes mitigation actions to reduce the impact of significant hazards in each jurisdiction. The actions are organized into an implementation plan that includes goals and priorities, actions, responsibilities, and a timeline.

Engagement Opportunities

There are several ways you can provide input and insights into the development of the plan.